Friends for Life: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Having Good Friends

Our friends are the essential part of our life. They are the families that we choose to keep and maintain throughout our lives. Our comforters and secret-keepers, good friends not only provide peace and joy, in both good and bad times, they also help to improve our self confidence and self worth.

So, while finding a good friend can be tough, good friends have a positive effect on your overall health and well being – a lot more than you actually think. This Friendship Day, learn some of the amazing health benefits of having good friends and extend a big hug and a bigger thank you to your best friends for keeping you brighter, healthier and shinier through your thick and thin.

#1: Having a close friend can boost happiness, reduce stress
Your friends are your biggest stress busters. They help uplift your mood even during testing times and help you overcome challenges that life throws at you. With friends, you can easily share your joys, sorrows, problems – breakups, loneliness, loss of job, hardships, and more – and get continuous support and unending comfort that can help reduce your stress and depression.

#2: Friends help improve our immune system
People with friends and strong social support tend to have stronger immunity. Their bodies show better anti-inflammatory response to diseases and wound healing, leading to better health and reduced risk of

#3: Friends help secure our heart health
Our friends are our health tonics. They encourage healthy reactions in our body and help reduce production of stress hormone cortisol – a well-known contributor to heart disease. People with great friends and acquaintances have shown to have fewer inflammatory chemicals in their blood, which in
turn leads to healthier heart and stronger arteries.

#4: Friends enhance our self-confidence
Our friends act as our support system. They are our biggest critics and greatest admirers. Their constructive suggestions, praises, and reassurance help increase our self worth and boost our self confidence. Friendship, in fact, is the most gratifying relationship that we can ever build in our lives.

#5: Friends keep our mind sharp
Our friends keep us away from various mental health disorders too. Not only do they help relieve stress and worry, they also help decrease the risk of psychiatric conditions like dementia – a disease that is associated with the feeling of loneliness.

#6: Friends help us improve our social habits
Good friends act as our social influencers and promote healthy habits in us. Whether its diet, exercise, or simply staying active, our friends encourage us to swap our bad habits with good ones and bring about healthy and meaningful change is us. Our friends’ influence can help us lower the risk of many health problems, including high blood pressure, obesity, and more.

#7: Friends make us take better care of ourselves
Embracing a rich social life can keep us healthy and happy throughout our lifecycle. It promotes the sense of belonging and well being and encourages us to take better care of ourselves, indulge in our hobbies, and make way for a happy and healthy life.

#8: Friends help us recover more quickly from illness
Friends play a key role in helping us live healthy or recover from a chronic illness. They boost our self confidence and morale and put us on a recovery path so that we can quickly recover from our diseases and illness.

#9: Friends increase our happiness quotient
Need a little more joy and happiness in your life? Turn to a happy friend who can rub off his magical
charm on you too. Friends can make you smile even in tough times and help keep your spirits high.

#10: Friends allow us to be ourselves
With friends, you can just be yourself. Your friends know you inside-out so you do not have to pretend
or fake things up in front of them, and this creates a comforting zone for you – one that is soothing,
relieving, and absolutely stress-bursting.

With unconditional love and support, your best friend can change your life for the better. So, this
Friendship Day, make way for good friends and cultivate your friendship lifelong.

Have you got a best friend? How does your friend positively influence your life? Let us know in the
comments below.

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