Sports Physicals Vs. Annual Wellness Exams

Why Wait?

So many parents wait until the beginning of the school year to schedule their child for a physical. Why wait? Often times it is difficult for a physician’s office to get you scheduled for your child’s wellness exam if you wait until Fall. The most optimal time to schedule a wellness Exam for your child is in the summer months.

A physical signed on or after April 15th is valid for the following school year through June. Don’t wait until you are under deadline pressure. Get your Child’s Sports/Wellness Physical NOW!

Why Pay?

Most insurance companies cover your child for a complete and comprehensive Annual Wellness Exam, including required immunization shots. Why pay for a Sports Physical when you can get a much more comprehensive examination by a physician that is familiar with you and your family and also covered by insurance.

* If patient requires additional testing, for some reason, insurance deductibles may apply.



Why Risk?

A Wellness Exam covers everything that a Sports Physical does but a Sports Physical cannot replace a Wellness Physical. Learn the difference, don’t risk your child’s health.

Included in a Sports Physical?

  • Check the child’s weight and height.
  • Check blood pressure.
  • Listen to the heart while the child is standing up and lying down.
  • Check the child’s muscles, bones and joints for issues that could be a problem in regard to the sport that they are participating in.

Included in an Annual Wellness Exam?

  • Review child’s medical history.
  • Address questions and concerns from the parents or child.
  • Review medications.
  • A physical exam (more detailed than a sports physical).
  • Check height and weight, and compare those to measurements from prior well child exams to see how a child/teen is growing.
  • Developmental screenings.
  • Review preventative care.
  • Other screening and lab tests due for the child. These can include (but are not limited to): hearing and vision screening; screening for anemia; screening for high cholesterol; and screening for depression and other mental health issues.
  • Creating a plan of care for any problems found.
  • Referrals, if needed.
  • Immunizations, if needed.
  • Age-appropriate wellness education including diet, sleep, school, interpersonal and family behaviors and safety.
  • medical records are together and can be reviewed for past concerns that may have otherwise been forgotten.

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A physical signed on or after April 15th 2017 is valid for the whole 2017-18 School Year. Don’t wait until you are under deadline pressure. Get your Child’s Sports/Wellness Physical NOW!

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What Our Patients Are Saying?

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

I was given the 5 star treatment today. I was lightheaded, so Dr. Greg saw me an hour earlier than scheduled. It was very much appreciated.    

MICHELLE R. ~ Patient since 2010  

   EPIC was very friendly and welcoming. Staff and doctors were helpful and easy to talk to. Definitely appreciate their professionalism and easy going attitudes. Very easy to ask questions and they are more than welcome to answer and ensure you’re satisfied.

ROBERT A. ~ Patient since 2017    

My appointments are always on time. I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes to see the doctor. All of my questions are answered to my satisfaction, and the staff are polite, as well as professional!

SUZANNE A. ~ Patient since 2012  

Epic is great! All the docs are so welcoming. The PA’s and NP are wonderful!

BRANDI H. ~ Patient since 2015  

  I didn’t have an appointment but was seen within 10 minutes. Great experience.

Robert M. ~ Patient since 2010  

Fast, professional, & friendly.

MICHAEL P. ~ Patient since 2017 


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