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How to Follow a Fitness Routine When You Hate Doing Exercise

We all start our New Year with a Big Bang. Every year we make New Year resolutions of becoming the fitter and better versions of ourselves. But 90% of the New Year resolutions fizzle out within the first few weeks or months due to lack of motivation and boredom. Either we do not have the time to follow a fitness regime or don’t have the inclination towards it. So, why do something that we hate?

But isn’t exercise supposed to keep you physically and mentally fit? Yes, but even experts state that workouts you despise do more harm than good; after an uninterested session of workout, you end up feeling tired, unhappy and dizzy rather than looking happy, healthy and fresh.

So, if you hate your exercise routine or are avoiding it on one pretext or the other, here’s all you need to do to inculcate the fantastic physical and mental benefits of exercise:

Choose an alternate form of exercise

Don’t like running? Swim instead. Hate going to gym? Join a Zumba class for an equivalent full body workout. The idea is simple. If you hate one form of exercise, stop doing it immediately. Don’t be a catalyst that prevents you from exercising completely. Instead of following a boring workout routine, choose for an alternate form of exercise that entices and motivates you. The list is practically endless. Do a quick Google search and embrace a form of exercise that’s fun, enjoyable, and you’ll love doing.    

Partner with a friend

Buddy training is the best way to accelerate your weight loss goals and stay consistent with your workout regime. When exercise becomes a chore that you want to scratch off your list, a workout buddy can help you to stay focused and motivated, and pushes you to do your very best.          

Train with an expert

Exercise physiologists are your personal fitness coaches who design a customized fitness regime to fit into your specific needs and requirements. They set realistic goals and encourage you to achieve them with full dedication and commitment. By teaching you proper form and exercise techniques, your exercise physiologists can help make your workout sessions safe and injury-free.

Bring in some music

Whether you decide to run, jog, or do strenuous weight training at gym, a little music can do wonders to your exercise routine. Music has a strong physical and physiological effect on your body and has proved to improve your strength, stamina, and mood. It delays fatigue and leads to higher levels of endurance and productivity.

Talk to your primary care physician

Staying in touch with your doctor can keep you in charge of your health. You get comprehensive information about your health, vital body stats, and problem areas that need quick attention. By educating you about the various health benefits of regular exercise, your primary care physician can help you stay on track and make exercise a permanent lifestyle practice. 

Need help with your exercise routine? Get in touch with us today!

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