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This Father’s Day, Skip the Tie and Give Your Dad the Gift of Health

Fathers are every son’s first superhero and every daughter’s first love. From helping us take our first steps to making us independent, dads are the best mentors that a child can ever find. While Father’s Day is the best time to let your dads know how much you love and adore them, showering them with expensive (or not so expensive) gifts are not the only way to express your love for them.

In fact, this Father’s Day, skip the tie and give your dad a gift of health and well being. In this article, we are sharing some extremely simple, yet powerful, health ideas that can help your dad live a healthy, happy, and long life.

Eat Good, Feel Great

If your dad is on the higher side of the weight spectrum, help him inculcate healthy eating habits in his day-to-day life to help him lose those extra pounds. Obesity is one of the leading causes for diabetes, heart problems, and other health issues. So, make sure your dad’s weight is well within the healthy range.

Start your Father’s Day celebration with a heart-healthy breakfast that includes fortified cereals, skimmed milk, eggs, nuts, and a variety of fruits. Make his lunch and dinner equally interesting by including low-fat dining options that are both healthy and nutritious.

Help in inculcate the habit of including fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits in his daily diet and limit processed food, high sugar drinks, and alcohol.

Engage in a Superhero Activity

Active aging is an important part of healthy living. As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), an average adult needs at least two and a half hours of moderate exercise every week. Help your dad burn extra calories by helping him keep up with his fitness regime. Go for walks together, play his favorite sport or gift him an annual gym membership, if he likes to gym, to ensure that he is keeping up with his fitness routine.

You can also consider gifting him a fitness tracker or a fitness gear to help him track his progress and record important milestones. Also, don’t forget to celebrate even his little achievements together; this will help him stay motivated and will also inspire him to put some extra efforts towards fitness.

Help in relive his passion

In the day-to-day quest to make ends meet, our parents often leave their passion behind. This year make sure you help your dad relive his passion – music, dance, photography, painting, cooking, gardening, or whatever it may be. Gift him his favorite instrument, a canvas, or gears that will not only bring a smile on his face but will also help him de-stress and revive the past.

Spend your Day Together

Good health requires not just healthy food and moderate-to-intense levels of physical activity, it also requires us to stay stress-free too. This Father’s Day help your dad de-stress. Take a day off from work and try to spend some quality time with your dad. Go for a family outing, play games, help him with his daily chores, and practice yoga together. This will not only help him relax and unwind but will also give him happiness and comfort of a great family bonding, something that he has always wished for.

Take Him for a Wellness Check

Often overlooked, preventive and wellness checks are important for effective health care and overall well-being. By diagnosing your health conditions early on, they help you stay one step ahead of diseases. Annual preventive health exams are highly recommended for everyone, but as you age, preventive health checks become a mandatory part of your life.

During a preventive health check, the physician will conduct a comprehensive checkup, which will include some blood work too, to determine the health problems the patient has, will recommend a treatment plan and/or medication as required. So, this Father’s Day, take your dad for an annual health check and ensure his overall health and well being.

Follow these tips to make your dad’s special day healthy and happy, and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends through your social media handles to help them give their dads a gift of health this Father’s day.

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