Why Yearly Physicals are Important for Adolescents?

Why Yearly Physicals are Important for Adolescents?

Parental decisions are always in the best interest of their child – no matter if it is about their education, health and safety. Child’s health always remains the top priority for all parents.

Despite that, most of the parents are skeptical when it comes to taking their kids for yearly physicals. While some healthcare professionals insist that annual physicals are essential, a large number of parents state that it’s okay to skip seeing the doctor. 

However, before heading to any conclusion, let us first understand what happens in an annual physical exam and why is it important to take your children for yearly physicals?

What is a Yearly Medical Examination All About? –

Annual medical examination is basically a periodic health assessment done for the well-being of children (and other individuals as well). It basically involves monitoring child’s physical growth and development.

The tests also aim to determine the symptoms of potential risk factors and upcoming medical conditions in the patient.

Visiting a pediatrician for periodic medical assessments not only helps the children cope with the changes in their body. It also allows the doctor to provide preventive care for any potential health issues in advance.

What Can Parents Expect from Yearly Physicals?

Adolescents, teenagers or the children transitioning into adulthood experience a lot of physical changes that they are confused and at times, worried about. Annual physical examinations are necessary during this phase of life to monitor the child’s physical, emotional and mental growth and development.

The series of tests are conducted following carefully measures your child’s growth on a progressive chart and assess their health in terms of their height, weight, growth hormones and other general nutrition.  The tests under the yearly medical physicals can include anything ranging from blood tests, urine tests to vision tests, hearing test and other similar tests pertaining to the general health of the child.

The medical tests are performed under the supervision of doctors and trained medical staff to dig out and address several issues related to food habits such as everyday diet and health of digestive system; physical activities; substance use; sexual behavior; and so on.

Since adolescence is a critical and sensitive phase of life, children often go through various mental, physical and emotional conditions that need immediate attention from the parents and doctors. So, screening for mental health, emotional and behavioral issues could also be a part of your child’s annual health physical regimen.

Many sports program too have made it mandatory to get periodic physical examination done to qualify for participation. From that standpoint, regular medical tests can help children take precautionary measures or even treatments if required, to be able to participate in any sporting activity.

With the advancements in the medical science, treatments techniques, and preventive vaccines are developed to help children avoid possible medical conditions and have a happy and disease free life.

Taking your child for yearly physicals, you can take well informed decisions for your child’s health. It is like an opportunity for parents to build a healthy lifestyle for their child.

The Importance of Yearly Physicals for Adolescents

No matter what age, doctors always recommend annual physicals for all, especially for adolescents going through that physical and emotional transition in life. The age of adolescence makes the children grow due to several new hormonal changes and maturation.

Yearly physicals help parents understand whether their child is physically and emotionally well. The doctor’s advice allows the parents in decision-making and taking preventive measures for their child.

More so in cases when the child encounters an unexpected illness, medical history from the annual physical exams can be helpful for preparing a treatment approach. Although what happens in an annual physical exam may vary from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor, the very idea of these tests is to get the child’s health physical done on time.

What Age Should Your Child Get Annual Physicals?

While there is no specific age to start yearly medical examinations, many pediatricians recommend that the ideal age of signing your child up yearly physicals is 12.

Although adolescents are often thought to be healthy and fit, it is an age when they develop habits that affect their health and life throughout their lifetime.

For instance, obesity and weight issues during the teenage years or adolescence are the root cause of several severe medical conditions including diabetes, blood pressure irregularities, and a range of heart conditions.

With regular health physical, you can provide preventive healthcare and through that, a gift of health for your child.  

Benefits of Annual Health Physicals –

What happens in annual physical health exams help adolescents adopt and maintain healthy habits; avoid harmful food and lifestyle practices; and manage chronic conditions, and prevent many diseases.


Regular health physicals at an early age increase awareness among young teens and help build a healthy lifestyle. Afterall, awareness is the key to disease prevention.

Further, taking preventive measures followed by yearly physicals during adolescence reduces the risk of falling prey to severe illnesses during the later years of life. Parents can encourage their children to manage their health better and be conscious of their habits, food choice, and lifestyle.

Ensure that they stay healthy, fit and active throughout their lifetime. This is the best gift you can give your child. Call EPIC Primary Care at (313) 861-4400 in Detroit and (248) 336-4000 in Ferndale to book yearly physicals for your child today!!

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