Adult Care

Studies reveal that 6 out of 10 US adults suffer from chronic diseases and 4 in 10 individuals have two or more conditions at a time.

Adult care is a broad term that covers a range of personal care services for people above 18 years of age. Adult care may be provided to those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or several chronic conditions. Adult care is also provided to patients recovering from a serious injury or illness.

The primary aim of adult care is to enhance the quality of life. Adult care has assumed a great significance in recent years with the risen severity and spread of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity that have become one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., reportedly killing nearly 900,000 people every year.

What We Do

At EPIC Primary Care, we provide A to Z healthcare treatments to help you effectively manage your chronic conditions and improve your health and functional ability.

Our main objective is to make you happier, healthier and better. And with that focus, EPIC experts help you lose weight, get the right nutrition, indulge in the right physical activities, and keep all your vitals under control.

We make your journey towards a fitter, healthier and disease- free lifestyle a smooth ride with our innovative practices, excellent patient service, and the efficient use of technology.

Services We Provide

Strives to make you happier and help you keep away from severe conditions, EPIC delivers best-in-class adult care in Ferndale and Detroit. Our services include:

  • Functional Medicine – Exercise Physiology | Physical Therapy
  • Metabolic Health – Weight Loss Management – Metabolic Condition Management | Exercise Physiology | Dietitian
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Management – Psychological Therapy | Behavioral Health Counseling | Social Support
  • Respiratory Medicine for Allergies, Asthma, COPD, Lung Diseases, Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Heart & Cardiovascular Care – Blood Pressure Monitoring, Congenital Ailments, Heart Diseases
  • Integrated Diagnostics – Digital X-Ray, Digital Ultrasound, Digital Vascular Testing, Digital Cognitive and Neurological Testing – with our in-office, point of Care Laboratory Testing solution
  • Medications – Personalized Medication, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals

All care, services and treatments are delivered through EPIC’s Integrated Advance Care Team model and Personalized Augmented Comprehensive Care model approach.

What Do We Treat?

EPIC Primary Care provides adult care for following:

Diabetic Care & Management: Eyes, kidneys, nerves face severe threat from high blood sugar levels. Even our life could be at risk to untamed blood glucose levels. Our expert practitioners make sure that your blood sugar levels are in check.

Our diabetic care and management services include proper medical records review, appropriate medicine and/or insulin dosage, regular blood sugar monitoring, daily log of blood glucose levels, customized diabetic-friendly meal plan, regular preventive health checks, self-care tips, etc.

Obesity: Obesity is a serious epidemic in the US, with more than 93.3 million US adults being clinically obese. Although many do not consider obesity a disease, it is a leading cause of various health problems, including heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.

We, at EPIC Primary Care, offer you the best services to tackle obesity.

Our obesity management services include measurements of metabolism and body composition, nutritional assessment and dietary counseling, individualized exercise programs, personal training, weekly interactive personal and group education sessions, and long-term weight maintenance.

Hypertension: Hypertension can lead to many health complications including heart diseases, stroke, heart failure, and even death. We, at EPIC Primary Care, help you manage your chronic hypertension through regular tests and follow-ups, medication, customized diet plan, active lifestyle changes, stress management activities, and weight management.

To prevent and control chronic diseases, it is important that these conditions are properly addressed. With EPIC Primary Care, we make the complicated easy.

Adult Care from A to Z

Review of Medical History

Address Any Concerns

Review Medications

Height & Weight Check

Developmental Screenings

Review Preventative Care

Screening or Lab Tests


Referrals if Needed

Ask your EPIC PC doctor if you are a candidate for ACT to help manage your chronic health condition!