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You’re a caretaker, it’s what you do. We know that life can get hectic, and you have so many people close to you that you need to support. Your time is precious, and so is your family. Is there anyone out there who can help you care for the ones you love, and look out for you too?

What We Do

Our goal is simple: to make you and your loved ones Happier, Healthier and Better. EPIC Primary Care provides the widest range of treatments available so that you can improve your health.

EPIC experts help you lose weight, get the right nutrition, do the right physical activities, and keep all your vitals under control.

We make your journey towards a fitter, healthier and disease-free lifestyle a smooth ride with our innovative practices, reliable service, and the top of the line equipment.

Services We Provide

EPIC Primary Care provides great health care solutions to help you manage not only your health but also your family’s.

  • Advanced Primary Care: Advance Care Team, Integrated & Comprehensive Team Approach
  • Metabolic Health: Weight Loss Management, Metabolic Condition Management, Exercise Physiology, Dietitian
  • Mental health services
  • Diagnostics: Highly-experienced, board-certified radiologists and physicians
  • Exercise Physiology
  • In-Office Testing
  • Respiratory Treatment: For treatment of Allergies, Asthma, COPD, Lung Diseases, and Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Heart & Cardiovascular Care: Blood Pressure Monitoring, Congenital Ailments, Heart Diseases
  • Medications: Personalized Medication, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Improved Communication, Adherence, and Costs

Our Team

At EPIC, we have a team of experienced and certified doctors and health care professionals who provide personalized and holistic health care to all our patients. Our experts believe in treating not just the symptoms but also the disease, involving use innovative practices and cutting-edge technologies.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Our patients are our brand advocates. Here’s what they are saying about us!


They have been our family doctor for years!  We are so grateful to have a doctor that has treated our kids since birth. They are excellent doctors.

AnthonyH. | Patient since 2018



I love the knowledgeability and kindness of the doctors. I have been coming here for 15 years and appreciate how technology forward they are.

KarenK. | Patient since 2015




I always have a great experience when I visit EPIC Primary Care. The staff is welcoming and comforting with every appointment. I always leave there feeling thoroughly well-cared for on so many levels. Thank you EPIC!

SamanthaB| Patient since 2010


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It is all about family! As a family owned company, we know that when the entire family is healthy and fit, life is easier. Whether you or anyone in your family has health conditions and complications, EPIC expert is just a call away!

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