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The doctors at EPIC Primary Care are dedicated to the healthy development of your child from infancy through adulthood. We understand the importance of your child’s health, and work to ensure that it is at its’ best. Our pediatricians take pride in offering comprehensive pediatric care, and keeping you, the parent, completely informed.

EPIC Primary Care has over 15 years in providing quality pediatric care. We are committed to the health and well-being of your child. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to offer you the very best service. The professionals at EPIC Primary Care are board certified and highly qualified to provide your child with the best care available.

EPIC Primary Care adheres to the guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Wellness & Physicals

Newborn & Infant Wellness Exams

Child ~ Comprehensive Wellness Exam

Adolescent ~ Comprehensive Wellness Exam



All parents want their children to be healthy, but we all know kids don’t come with manuals. If they did, answering questions about immunizations and vaccines would be easy. Your EPIC PRIMARY CARE doctors can answer your questions and advise … Continue reading

Newborn Exams

Newborn screening tests look for developmental, genetic, and metabolic disorders in the newborn baby. This allows steps to be taken before symptoms develop. Most of these illnesses are very rare, but can be treated if caught early. Your EPIC PRIMARY … Continue reading

Flu Shots (seasonal)

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a serious respiratory disease. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year, 200,000 Americans are hospitalized due to flu-related complications, with as many as 49,000 deaths from influenza-related causes. What … Continue reading

Allergy Testing

Finding out what you are allergic to is an important first step to effective allergy treatment. Today allergy tests are more convenient and accurate than ever before. When combined with a detailed medical history, allergy testing can identify the specific things … Continue reading

Pediatric Ear Piercing

We now perform ear piercing. We recommend that girls wait until they are capable of taking care of the earrings themselves prior to having the procedure done.  However, if you as a parent want to have your child’s ears pierced … Continue reading

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is the removal of ear wax when symptoms of an earache, partial hearing loss, ringing in the ear or itching are present. Most cases of ear wax blockage respond to home treatments used to soften wax. If home … Continue reading