Pediatric Ear Piercing

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We now perform ear piercing.

We recommend that girls wait until they are capable of taking care of the earrings themselves prior to having the procedure done.  However, if you as a parent want to have your child’s ears pierced before that time, you may do so anytime after your child is 6 months of age.

Ear piercing is done with a sterile medical instrument designed for one use only.  Every effort is made to maintain a sterile procedure.  The ear lobes will be marked with the intended location.  This will be approved of by you  prior to insertion of the earrings.

This is NOT billable to insurance and must be paid in full prior to getting the earrings.

There will be not other procedures done at this visit (your child cannot be seen for a sick visit or well visit and get the ears pierced).

Ear piercing must be scheduled like a regular appointment.