Weight Loss

Did you know, every year nearly 45 million Americans go on a diet and spend close to $33 billion on weight loss products? Yet, more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Schedule Your Appointment

Obesity is a chronic health condition that requires lifelong treatment and medical care. From physical limitations to self-consciousness, your excess weight can often keep you away from being the person you truly are. Overweight people not only struggle with their excessive weight, they are also at higher risk for developing serious health conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and arthritis

That’s why, healthy weight is crucial to your health and well-being. At EPIC Primary Care, we provide a comprehensive medically-supervised Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling Program to help you effectively and conveniently lose weight and reverse various lifestyle-related chronic health conditions associated with weight gain.

Our highly-acclaimed weight loss program is scientifically designed to promote fast and effective weight loss and is managed by our multidisciplinary I-ACT team of doctors, dietician, physical therapist, and nurse practitioners, who are highly experienced and rigorously trained to provide you with the best possible nutritional counseling and exercise plan for effective weight loss.

What We Do?

At EPIC, we go beyond the traditional route of portion control and calorie counting to aid healthy weight loss; instead; our nutritionists and exercise physiologists work in partnership with you to track your eating habits, daily routine, lifestyle choices, pre-existing health conditions, and exercise regimen to create a customized and holistic weight loss program that has been tailored to meet your individualized medical, emotional, and psychosocial needs.

Our certified nutritionist will guide and encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices, and will help you create a customized diet plan that’s based on your nutritional needs, food preferences, and lifestyle habits. Our exercise physiologist will evaluate your fitness level to create a personalized workout program that you can seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.

During the program, our I-ACT team also conducts regular personal and group sessions to monitor and manage your progress and keep you inspired.

Services We Provide

We understand that every patient is unique and so are his weight loss needs. That’s why, at EPIC, we offer a full array of weight management services to help you achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

Our services include:

  • Medical assessment and measurements of metabolism and body composition for weight loss
  • Nutritional assessment and dietary counseling from registered dietician
  • Personalized meal plans, including meal replacement options
  • Individualized exercise programs
  • Personal training for effective weight loss
  • Weekly interactive personal and group education sessions
  • Individual behavioral therapy sessions
  • Long-term weight maintenance and relapse prevention sessions
  • Special services for people with medical needs
  • Pharmacotherapy and preventive medicine for weight loss
  • Health monitoring apps to track weight loss goals

A Team that Cares

To help you achieve and maintain healthy weight and fitness, the highly skilled interdisciplinary team at EPIC Primary Care includes:

  • Board-certified physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Nutritional counselors
  • Advanced care practitioners
  • Exercise specialists

What Our Patients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let others do the talking!

All my life I have struggled with my weight that made me a chronic patient of PCOS and diabetes. After trying all types of fad diets, I finally enrolled for a session with EPIC nutritionist. She helped me understand my dietary requirements and made me switch to healthy food and lifestyle habits. With her help and support, I have managed to lose whopping 35 pounds and several inches off my body and have resolved my insulin resistance issues too.

Maria D. ~ Patient since 2018
Thank you for your inspirational weight loss program and putting me on a path to new life. Not only has EPIC helped me get into a fitter lifestyle, my heath has also improved significantly. Now I always make healthy food choices whether I cook at home or dine out.

Stephen P. ~ Patient since 2016
EPIC helped me achieve my ideal weight. Their experienced team structured a program exactly as I wanted them too. They kept my dietary preferences in mind and ensured that I am easily able to fit healthy eating habits in my busy routine.

Jane D. ~ Patient since 2010
As a frequent traveler, I was always spoilt for food choices. My unhealthy and untimely eating habits made me gain enormous weight. I even developed various chronic health conditions. EPIC’s weight loss program helped me get back into shape. The nutritionist guided me on how to choose healthy food even when I am traveling and helped me reach my ideal weight quickly and effectively.

Justin R. ~ Patient since 2017
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Enroll Today!

Whether you want to lose weight or inculcate fitness into your life, great health and absolute well being is just a call away. Call EPIC PC at 248-336-4000 (Ferndale) or 313-861-4400 (Detroit) to book an appointment with our health experts and allow us to take you on a fitness journey that leads to a disease-free life.


How effective is your program?

Ans. At EPIC Primary Care, we follow a medically-based weight management program that’s not only effective but scientific too. Our doctors, dieticians, exercise physiologists, and I-ACT team work hand in hand to help you lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Q. How many pounds can I expect to lose in one month?

Ans. Well, this completely depends upon how dedicatedly you follow our weight loss program. Typically, you can lose between 2 and 4 pounds per week.

Q. Is exercise the part of program?

Ans. Yes, at EPIC, we follow a holistic approach to weight loss. Once you join our weight loss program, you’ll be put in touch with a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist who will educate you about the role of right nutrition and exercise in weight loss. After understanding your medical condition and weight loss goals, they will create a customized plan just for you and will continuously monitor and watch your progress and will motivate you to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Q. How do I start with the program?

Ans. If you are interested in joining our Weight Loss program, you can let any member of your I-ACT team know. If you qualify for this program the I-ACT team will also be discussing this program with you at your next appointment or they may call you to enroll you over the phone.

Q. What if I never exercised before; can I still sign up?

Ans. Absolutely! Our exercise physiologists will teach you everything you need to know about the exercises you should be doing. They will demonstrate the exercise for you, provide you with handouts and videos to watch.

Q. I have complex medical and nutrition needs; can your dietitian help me?

Ans. Yes, our dietitians are fully trained in complex conditions and will plan your Weight Loss program according to your medical conditions to help you lose weight and be medically fit.

Q. How often can I see the exercise physiologist and nutritional specialist?

Ans. Every patient is different. During your initial intake appointment your dietitian and exercise physiologist will gather data on your and review your medical history. They will then discuss your assessment with your I-ACT team and together they will come up with a plan that will include your frequency of visits and well as phone check-ins, etc.